Nov 27, 2006

Ocean of Abundance

I am the part of you who is flourishing abundance of all that is good.
* * *
As an ocean of abundance, I only see endless horizons of good; as far as they eye can see, and beyond.

Nov 26, 2006

Murky Waters

I am the one who does not like murky waters.
* * *
I am the one who doesn't like the shadowiness I feel inside.
* * *
I am the one who sees the sometimes-subtle shade of murkiness before me...and my life.
* **
I am the one who wants the shade lifted.

Tiger Balm

After having this card in card in my deck for a while..and not knowing what it was about, I discovered that today! What a wonderful, bountiful surprise. The soul-tending process of SoulCollage® never ceases to amaze and bless me. It's a magnificient, enlightening, self-integrating process. Sharing this card's interpretation on the KaleidoSoul Yahoo! Group was incredibly syncronistic for many, and opened up a lot of discovery, sharing and healing that we were all blessed by.

Embracing Mystery

I am one who embraces the mystery of the unknown. I am one who gladly sees, and feels the door of my new life beckoning me! I choose to knock, and enter this new experience with wide-eyed excitement, and anticipation. I am one who knows "this is Good!"...and there are no mistakes. I am the one who knows this is MY "Wonderland"!
* * *
I am one who leaves the predictable, hypnotizing routines behind, and crosses the threshold of Adventure & Change. I am one who trusts myself.
* * *
I am one who has decided to cross the threshold into my new life, where infinite possibilites reside. I am one who hugs the power of that Principle to mySelf...and lives it. There is no turning back...thank Goodness! I am free, I am happy. I am one who knows that seeing my new "ideal" life in my imagination is how it is becoming my life experience...right "now". I am one who sees my ideal life with fresh new eyes...and I am thrilled with excited anticipation at the unfolding of my heart's desires. My eyes are big as saucers... I am one who is thankful-to-tears that I am "becoming more of the Self" I was born to be...and that my life is reflecting this to me... and those whom are close to me.
* * *
I am one who is grateful that I am conscious of the inner-strength, power, beauty, radiant love, intelligence and health that The Creator endowed me with so that I may co-create my beautiful life. (11/30/06--Pulled this card randomly this morning along with "Becoming the Butterfly". .. will continue to work with these two cards as they couldn't be any more PERFECT!--where I am right now.)


I am the one who keeps your Light shining...I am the Tender of your Light.
* * *
I am the one who keeps you centered and grounded in what's most important to you.
* * *
I am the guardian of your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being.
* * *
I am the part of you who is happy, content, peaceful and free!

Nov 25, 2006

Planting Seeds of Intention

I am the one who plants Seeds of Intention in the Womb of the Universe...positively expecting an abundant yield of what I've sown.
* * *
I am the one who nurtures the Seeds with heartfelt belief, happy expectancy, and "heartfelt rehearsal of receiving my good"-- manifested!
* * *
I am the one one who is thankful for the awareness of the power I have assist in creating my good!
* * *
I am the one who releases my intentions, believing that the best possible outcome will occur...and that it can be even better than I imagine! I am the one who looks past physical the metaphysical, and knows that "It's all good."


I am so Thankful

I am the one who is so thankful.
* * *
I am the one who feels gratitude deep in my bones...and in every breath I breathe...I breathe breaths of gladness.
* **
I am the one who knows being thankful is its own reward.

Nurturing My Self

I am the one who heeds the call of Spirit. I tend to the beat of my heart... within the rhythm of the Earth.
I am the one who listens, and responds to the call of my soul.

Creator me

I am the one who loves to spin straw into gold...create pearls from a grain of sand...and triumphs over seeming limitation and irritation.

I am the one who holds the key in the palm of my hand.

Becoming the Butterfly

I am the one who willingly "lets go" of, and sheds what I no longer need...and what no longer serves me. I am the one who courageously walks the path of "my" transformation and change.
* * *
I am the one who bids the catipillar a long, dark goodnight, and welcomes the beauty and freedom of being my Butterfly-self.
* * *
I am the one who excitedly says "yes" to change...and the promise of new beginnings!
* * *
According to the SoulCollage book, this could be called the Death card. I call it "Becoming the Butterfly"... a renaissance of Self. Saying "yes" to change is huge! --since there is no growth without change. Without change we'd never experience the sensuality of flowers (symbolizing life)...just the potential of them, and you can't experience "potential", because potential means it hasn't happened yet. Without change we'd not know the beauty and fragrance of the rose, the soft, suppleness of it's petals, or the prick of the thorns...which prompt us to pay attention. So it is with us. Saying yes to change, is saying yes to ourselves...and life.
Today, I welcome my Butterfly-self!

Dancing with the Shadow

Here I share SoulCollage Cards from the Shadow. Dancing with The Shadow eventually makes way for the Light to shine, so... I will share those Cards of Light here as well.