Nov 25, 2006

Becoming the Butterfly

I am the one who willingly "lets go" of, and sheds what I no longer need...and what no longer serves me. I am the one who courageously walks the path of "my" transformation and change.
* * *
I am the one who bids the catipillar a long, dark goodnight, and welcomes the beauty and freedom of being my Butterfly-self.
* * *
I am the one who excitedly says "yes" to change...and the promise of new beginnings!
* * *
According to the SoulCollage book, this could be called the Death card. I call it "Becoming the Butterfly"... a renaissance of Self. Saying "yes" to change is huge! --since there is no growth without change. Without change we'd never experience the sensuality of flowers (symbolizing life)...just the potential of them, and you can't experience "potential", because potential means it hasn't happened yet. Without change we'd not know the beauty and fragrance of the rose, the soft, suppleness of it's petals, or the prick of the thorns...which prompt us to pay attention. So it is with us. Saying yes to change, is saying yes to ourselves...and life.
Today, I welcome my Butterfly-self!

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