Nov 26, 2006

Embracing Mystery

I am one who embraces the mystery of the unknown. I am one who gladly sees, and feels the door of my new life beckoning me! I choose to knock, and enter this new experience with wide-eyed excitement, and anticipation. I am one who knows "this is Good!"...and there are no mistakes. I am the one who knows this is MY "Wonderland"!
* * *
I am one who leaves the predictable, hypnotizing routines behind, and crosses the threshold of Adventure & Change. I am one who trusts myself.
* * *
I am one who has decided to cross the threshold into my new life, where infinite possibilites reside. I am one who hugs the power of that Principle to mySelf...and lives it. There is no turning back...thank Goodness! I am free, I am happy. I am one who knows that seeing my new "ideal" life in my imagination is how it is becoming my life experience...right "now". I am one who sees my ideal life with fresh new eyes...and I am thrilled with excited anticipation at the unfolding of my heart's desires. My eyes are big as saucers... I am one who is thankful-to-tears that I am "becoming more of the Self" I was born to be...and that my life is reflecting this to me... and those whom are close to me.
* * *
I am one who is grateful that I am conscious of the inner-strength, power, beauty, radiant love, intelligence and health that The Creator endowed me with so that I may co-create my beautiful life. (11/30/06--Pulled this card randomly this morning along with "Becoming the Butterfly". .. will continue to work with these two cards as they couldn't be any more PERFECT!--where I am right now.)

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