May 2, 2007

The Traveler: My Soul's Historian

I am one who travels my continuing journey leaving these bones behind. I am one who is wise and has secrets to tell you. I know your history, the history of our ancestors, and our ancestors' ancestors.
I am your soul's historian. I am the riches of the history of many lifetimes. Look around...see the death of the ancients. You are on sacred ground now.
I am one who lives beyond flesh and bone. My essence is forever...far beyond these dry bones and adornments of gold. I am the Traveler...lifetime upon lifetime in the great continuum.
I want you to take time with me. I want you to remember to really live. Life is precious. I want you to take the golden treasure in your heart and and spread it far and wide - throughout the world! Share your treasure with others. Show them their treasure and remind them that they too...have a crown to wear.
I am the Traveler. I give you proof that life is everlasting. I give you proof that what makes us, us is far greater than our body and mind...far gretaer than what you can imagine...and it lives on forever and ever.
I want you to keep loving...yourself, others...and continue to learn of me. Continue allowing your essence to flow through unobstructed for you are a living vessel.
You will remember each time you feel love deep in your heart, or think about those who have gone through the curtain to the other side. You will remember each time you see or think of me or see the color of gold. . You will remember that you have an inner-treasure just waiting to fly even more .
Upon reflection, I realize that part of my soul's inspiration for this card came from over 10 years ago in the poem The Traveler by James Dillet Freeman, for which I am very thankful. That poem has blessed me and countless others I've shared it with over the years. I hope you enjoy it, at the above link.


Lisa said...

I love your card and the interpretation. It's truly beautiful and something we all need to remember. Thank you for sharing it.

Cheryl Finley: said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you.

the heartful blogger said...

Beautiful and moving, just wonderful.

Landi said...

Wow! This gave me goosepimples. I really love the poem and the artwork illustrates it beautifully.

Tag said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing with us.

Deb G said...

This is wonderful. I especially like what you wrote.

L.A. said...

So very inspiring, and something to remember every day. Thank you Cheryl!